CES 2011: AR Drone

by: Ben Berry -
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If you haven't seen the RC helicopters that have been popping up everywhere over the past couple years, you've blind. I covered one at CES 08, and then last year was introduced to the AR Drone. The AR Drone is a quadricopter with a foam body that's controlled through an iPhone app. Last year, the software that controlled the copter was more than a bit buggy and it was no where near accurate enough to fly around a crowd of people. Hence, they had it in a controlled tented area with only a few people allowed in at a time. This year, I flew it in an open area actually doing a 360 turn around a person and stop it mere inches from myself.

In addition to flying the unit, they're now started releasing games where you can play against other AR Drone owners, with a race, and later this year, dogfighting. The combat will be controlled via the iphone where you'll be able to see video of where you're flying and who you're fighting. The apps are expected to run $3, and the AR Drone is $299.

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