CES 2010: World Cyber Games

by: Ben Berry -
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World Cyber Games made a couple of major announcements at CES. First WCG plans to have a substantially larger US tournament presence including a stronger focus on games popular within the US. This means more tournaments on US soil, which certainly provides more opportunities for would be professionals to test their mettle against gaming’s best. The focus on games popular in the US will shore up one of the biggest points detractors have against the WCG.

Secondly, WCG is “quietly” letting it be known that the second season of The Ultimate Gamer is in development. This second offering of the reality gaming television is so early in development, they haven’t been signed to a broadcast network and they don’t yet have a location to shoot the series (the loft used last season is now leased by another tenant). Further, WCG is looking at all of their partner agreements for the coming season. This includes TRITTON, who provided the professional quality gaming headphones for the show. The WCG feels this is a space that will lend itself to a better marketing deal for the WCG, and as such are reviewing all options. I have reviewed the 5.1 systems by most of the major players in the space, and TRITTON is at or near the top of the market.

I met a few of the guys (Mark, the Ultimate Gamer Season 1 winner, “ Swoozie”, and Jamal) from the first season of The Ultimate Gamer, and while I had only seen a couple of episodes on SyFy previously, I would be intrigued to see what WCG has promised will be a far more intense second season.

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