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My first appointment at the 2010 CES was with Westinghouse to take a look at their 2010 lineup of televisions. What I found was a surprising lineup of highly efficient and stylish edge-lit LED TV about to hit retail. The models were across three series and display sizes ranged from 55” to 24”. All were extremely energy efficient, slim and sharp looking.

The flagship model 970Z line contained the impressive looking LD-55F970Z (55”) and LD-46F970Z (46”) LED based TVs. Both are edge-lit, sport 120Hz refresh, have 3 HDMI and are Energy Star 4.0 compliant. They had great pictures, are super slim and have a cabinet design that is sure to please just about anyone.

The next series down (85VX) has the LD-3285VX (32”) and LD-2685VX (26”) edge-lit LED TVs. Both are 1080p with 2 HDMI, but I was particularly impressed with the LD-2685VX. Last year’s TV models at retail did not have an edge-lit full 1080p LED TV at this size available. Not only is it perfect for gaming on today’s consoles, but like its big brothers, both the picture and cabinet looked great.

Westinghouse’s base lineup for 2010 features the LD-4255VX (42”), LD-3255VX (32”), LD-2655VX (26”) and LD-2455VX (24”) LED TVs. The LD-4255VX has 1080p and 3 HDMI ports, while the other three drop to 720p with only 2 HDMI ports.

Westinghouse was also showing off their wireless HDMI product, which was transmitting a crystal clear image about 35 feet across the suite. I was told it has a max range of 40 feet meters, would be out sometime later this year and pricing is still undecided.

I was very impressed with the Westinghouse 2010 lineup, as it has seen tremendous upgrades to their styling, quality and energy consumption. None of the models less than 42” use more power than a 60W bulb (the 42” uses less than a 100W bulb) and all are Energy Star 5.0 and California Energy Commission (CEC) compliant. The 46” and 55” TVs from the 970Z series are 4.0 compliant. All of Westinghouse’s LED models are due out in March - April 2010, although MSRP has not been established yet. These models will be ones to take a hard look at when they hit retail shelves.

[EDIT : Dan - Updated distance for wireless HDMI.]

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