CES 2010: Vivitek

by: Dan -
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One of the great things about CES is getting to see the newer companies and what they bring to the show. One such company is Vivitek with their full lineup of projectors. While the majority of their products are not focus on gaming or home theater, they do have one little projector that has some great measurable and an even better price.

The Vivitek H1080 is a DLP short-throw based projector that has 1600 Lumens, two HDMI inputs and can show images ranging from 25” to 300”. The benefit to the short throw is that you can use it just about any room or area that has wall or a screen. It is ideal for gamers, because it is light (less than 8lbs), can travel and has all the hookups you need. While the model currently comes in white only, I was told that a black version is in the works. The best part about the H1080 is that it has an MSRP of less than $1,000. We should be able to acquire a review unit immediately after CES, so stay tuned for a full hand’s on review in the next month or so.

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