CES 2010: TRITTON Technologies

by: Ben Berry -
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TRITTON has several new and recent releases in the gaming audio space over the past couple of months. Being known primarily for their AX PRO 5.1 gaming headset, they’ve made the effort to fill in their product line with some less expensive offerings as well as some peripherals to their gaming headsets.

The AX 720 is the first step down from the AX PRO with Dolby 5.1 headphone technology which using timing tricks and echos to simulate surround sound to the human ear. It’s marketed for folks who don’t need the full 5.1 true Dolby package, but do want surrounds sound. While it’s clear from listening that it isn’t true 5.1 from multiple drivers per ear, Dolby’s simulated surround sound has come a long way over the past few years. SRP is ~$139.

Moving further towards the casual gamer space is the AX 180 which does not feature Dolby technology, and probably fit’s the upper tier of precision stereo headphones without surround. Whereas the AX 720 is essentially the AX PRO form factor without multiple drivers, the AX180 features a decidedly lighter and smaller design. Where the two high end units are sturdy and border on too heavy, the AX 180 feels must like your standard stereo cones.

TRITTON is also soon to release skins for their headphones. They have created custom skins under OEM requests, but they’ll soon be available as an option for consumers as well via the TRITTON store.


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