CES 2010: Psyko Audio

by: Dan -
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Last year at CES, Sean and I were given a hands on with the Psyko 5.1 Gaming Headset that was initially due out in Spring of 2009. While a limited supply did make it into the wild by summer, the full product roll-out will probably take place in 2010. Primarily, the comfort level will be addressed, starting with the pads that fit on the top of your head. While these initially give good support and comfort, over time, they would get worn down and create pressure points near the temples that were a hindrance to long gaming sessions. When the new PC 5.1 Gaming Headsets hit, these issues have been alleviated along with a few other minor tweaks.

In addition to a mass production date for their PC version, an Xbox 360 version was also unveiled, albeit in a developmental format only. While it will share the majority of the characteristics of the PC version, two major changes will be the color and the audio input option. Instead of the usual orange, the Xbox 360 5.1 Gaming Headset will be green, and the box will include a fiber optic connection to allow for true digital connection. Pricing and availability were not known at the show, but ideally a late 2010 release at a similar price point to the original PC 5.1 Headset. The Xbox 360 version should also be compatible with the PS3 as a headphone only because of the Bluetooth microphone. However, as of now there are no plans to bring out a PS3 specific version.

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