CES 2010: Penguin United

by: Dan -
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The folks over at Penguin Untied had a few new items at the show this year, mostly for the Nintendo Wii. I was able to take a close look at the 3 in 1 Wii Fit Bundle - Fitness Kit, Sports Resort Bundle 2, Crossfire Remote Pistol and their 4 in 1 Control Brothers for Super Mario.

The 3 in 1 Wii Fit Bundle - Fitness Kit will retail for $24.99 and includes a balance board travel bag, a neoprene Fit Cover (which is a cover that is sweat, water and dirt resistant) and controller waist straps to store the remote and/or nunchuk if they aren’t needed in a specific exercise or activity.

The Sports Resort Bundle 2 will also retail for $24.99 and includes an archery bow, water sports handle (think jet ski) and a Frisbee. The best thing is that they all can hold both the remote with or without the Motion Plus adapter included and all pieces come with a three-year warranty.

They also had an updated version of their Crossfire Remote Pistol on display (which we brought word of back in September). I tested it out and it had good accuracy, and most importantly, it was comfortable in my hands. Most importantly, the Crossfire is the first integrated (meaning you don’t need to insert your Wii remote in it) pistol to market. Not only does it have all the buttons built-in, but also a speaker and vibration function. It is a pretty slick accessory. Sean wondered back in September if it would support the nunchuk, and the answer is yes, with a port out of the butt of the pistol grip.  The Crossfire will retail for $39.99 and comes with a one-year warranty.

The 4 in 1 Control Brothers for Super Mario is already at retail (for $19.99) and essentially allows your hands to comfortably grip the Wii remote like an old-school style controller. It comes in a four pack with four different colors, does not block the IR port and offers a grip that allows for more natural finger motions. I held it at the booth and it did feel more natural to me, but you probably will have to play a lot of Mario based games to get the use out of a four pack of these.

The last item I was shown was a Component A/V adapter for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was 6-ft in length and pretty standard design following traditional Apple branded cables. Unfortunately, I did not catch a date or suggested retail price.

Penguin had things that you would expect (Fitness pack and Component cables) and some things that were pretty cool (Crossfire and archery bow in the Resort Bundle). It looks like they have a good start to 2010 and hopefully will continue to bring more items to market later in the year.

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