CES 2010: MusicSkins The Beatles skins press conference

by: Ben Berry -
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I attended a press conference where MusicSkins formally announced their partnership with The Beatles estate to license images from the various album covers and the bands trademark logo. While it has been no secret that the deal was in offing (MusicSkins included press images of the skins to be announce in emails leading up to the show) it was still quite interesting to see how quickly this small company has managed to sign licensing agreements for most of the major acts in music from the 1950’s on.

Following the release of The Beatles: Rock Band, it only made sense to release skins with their likenesses. Especially as so many folks bought just the game as opposed to the full instrument pack, skinning guitars is an quick and inexpensive way to heighten The Beatles experience while playing the game.

Of note, images used for licensed IP will not be available on the custom skin creator template. Licensing agreements prohibit such usage, even for artistic purposes.

The Beatles

skins joined the MusicSkins lineup effective yesterday, and should be available through all their retail and online channels.

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