CES 2010: Lego Universe impressions

by: Ben Berry -
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 While John did a fine job covering the Lego Universe meeting we had, I wanted to add a couple of things:
  • John could not properly emphasize how awesome this game looks, and there seems to be no real age limit, regardless of packaging. All the things we love about the Lego platformers are there, plus some great new stuff as well
  • Anything you build in Lego Universe, you can build in real life. Because as John said, the parts are all modeled basically to exact scale. But what John didn't mention is that if you want to model something you build in the game but don't have the parts for, you can use Legos custom set builder, add the model you've built in Lego Universe to the order screen, and have it delivered to you.
  • If you didn't see my swag posts, they were giving away free Lego figures at the booth, build your own style. While it doesn't impact the game, there's nothing cooler than seeing grown people playing Legos.
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