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by: Dan -
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Samsung took a page from Apple yesterday, but looked to improve upon it with the announcement of Samsung Apps. Samsung Apps will be a multi device App store that can work with Samsung PCs TVs, Digital Cameras, Printers, Blu-Ray Players and Mobile devices. The important part is that it has an Open software kit. Meaning anyone can design for it. This is an excellent move for Samsung, as they have been the leader in getting internet content on to their TVs starting with RSS readers in 2008, Internet@TV last year and now Samsung Apps.

In the background of the video of Twitter’s Kevin Thau below, you can see both Capcom and Konami logos displayed. Speculation and instant analysis would lead one to believe that Samsung TVs and other products will be getting apps from gaming developers straight to their device. More than likely it would be similar to what the iPhone has been getting from these companies, but of course you can develop it for a 55” screen instead of a 3” one.

The first TV apps will be available in the next month or so, while premium apps will be available by this summer.  Otherwise, there weren’t many details about Samsung Apps presented, but I expect to hear more during my booth tour and in the coming months.

[EDIT: Dan]  Samsung has a web page dedicated to Samsung Apps for Mobile and that has info for developers.  The TV App site has a placeholder page announcing it will open in July 2010.

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