CES 2010: GelaSkins

by: Ben Berry -
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Customization has long been a big part of the computing experience. Since the early days of building PC’s in your garage (because it was the only place big enough) to the current day pre-planned modification and compartmentalization of PC components, it was only a matter of time before the peripherals began to truly focus on customization as well.

In the skins space, this is certainly becoming the case. I’ve already reviewed the custom skins creator from MusicSkins and now GelaSkins brings it’s art centric skinning line to CES. Gelaskins is taking an interesting approach to skins. While reaching out to the mass consumer with IP such as IronMan and The X-Men, they are largely focused on an emerging niche market of young urban Gen Y consumers (AKA hipsters). And by partnering with retailers such as Urban Outfitters, they are sure to reach their core audience.

What made me really want to learn more about GelaSkins is the quality of the custom art being created for their skins. The art ranges hand drawn pen and ink sketches of paper cranes to full blown watercolor portraits and everything in between. The site also features information on the artists who created the work featured on the skins. I think GelaSkins specifically appeal to the folks who don’t want to be the 15th person at their LAN party with the red skull of death on their laptop skin. The skins range in price from $14.95 to $29.95 laptops and gaming consoles.

While the Marvel IP hasn’t reached stores yet, GelaSkins other offerings look to be worth the effort to check out.

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