CES 2010: EOS Wireless

by: Ben Berry -
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IntelliTouch is a company with several brand names. One of these is EOS Wireless Audio, who I met with at CES. EOS Wireless offers a solution for streaming audio wirelessly via a proprietary 2.4Ghz technology. It hops signals every 10 seconds to make sure that the signal stays free of other signals in the same wireless bands.

EOS has implemented this wireless solution via a pair of wireless transmitters and 3 different receivers. The transmitters have a range of 150 feet in most dwellings. Aside from the basic transmitter, the other transmitter option has built in iPod dock and speaker.

The receivers offered include the standard, a receiver with a built in amplifier, and a portable plug-in receiver/speaker combo. The iPod dock comes bundled with the receiver/speaker combo. SRP for the various components begins at $99.

To me this technology would be a great fit for lan parties and other gaming events. Playing Rock Band out on the patio in the summer for example, you could provide some excellent sound for a day of outside gaming.

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