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CES 2010: Day two on the floor

by: Dan -
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The first day of CES always seems to be our busiest, but the second day this year will bring a full load as well. John is going all PC on us, as he is scheduled to meet with MSI, Hauppauge, ASUS and NVIDIA. He also will get a hands on with Splinter Cell Conviction, so check back later tonight or tomorrow for his thoughts on the game.

Ben is hanging out in the iLounge Pavilion and Gaming Showcase most of the day, having appointments scheduled with the World Cyber Games, Tritton, GelaSkins, MusicSkins, OtterBox and the Shuttle Computers press event.  Plus, day two of the swag-a-thon will likely bring more bounty.

Today is TV day for me, with visits to Panasonic, LG, Sharp, Samsung, Sony and Vizio. I also will be meeting with Polk Audio, and will finally get to hear what an array of HitMasters sounds like when they are daisy chained together.  When I reviewed the product last week, that was something I was looking forward to,