CES 2010: Day three on the floor

by: Dan -
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Day three on the CES floor is also the last day any of us have scheduled appointments. John will be wrapping up his show with visits to AOC, Bigfoot Networks, ECS and partake in some LEGO MMO action.

Ben will meet with the folks from EOS Converge, Powermat, Audio-Technica and Gesturetek. He will also be meeting up with John for the LEGO MMO experience, and we should also expect a Day three swag count as well.

My last day will be spent with Optoma, TekNmotion, SplitFish, PosiMotion and JVC. I also hope to get back to the Sony and Panasonic booths, where my booth tours didn’t go of as planned due to excessive business in each booth.
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