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Sean already posted about the ezGear You Rock Guitar yesterday, but the ezGear booth had a lot more to look at. I spent some time with President Charlie Bernstein and he showed me several new and innovative products that ezGear was displaying at the show. We started off with the latest from accessories for the Wii. These included the ezPak Wii, which allows for easy grab and go for your Wii console and accessories. The other accessories were the ezGear Music Pack, which allows the ii Remote and Nunchuk to fit in the Violin, Drumsticks/Xylophone mallets, Conductor’s Baton or Saxophone. Two other products I was shown were the Wii Super Charger Stand and the ezStar Mic Stand.

Last year, we took a look at the original ezSpace UFO in a Hooked Up article, but now ezGear has released the black ezSpace Wall Mount UFO. This unit plugs directly into your wall plate and can also be attached via a center mounting screw for the ultimate stability. It features 1050 joules of surge protection and expands your wall plate from two to six outlets. A slick design that we wished we had in our hotel room for our power consumption needs.

Charlie also gave me a hands on the recently announced BluCobra EZ3000 Blu-Ray player. One question we had when the unit was announced was who was making it for ezGear. I was assured by Charlie that it is a product made directly for ezGear and is not from another company. One surprise I had was that the units’ internal menu systems are Java based.

The last items we looked at were several accessories for the iPod Touch and iPhone. These included the powerBullet (designed to provide USB power from a cars lighter plug), the ezSkin protection for the new iPod Nano, the iPod powerStick and the ezView leather display cases for the iPhone and iPod touch. These two cases are very slick, as they can take the place of a wallet and also provide you the ability to prop up the iPod Touch or iPhone at a great angle so you can set it on a surface and view it.
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