CES 2009: Turtle Beach

by: Dan -
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One of the products that we saw a lot of at CES was gaming headphones and headsets. Turtle Beach was one of our stops, and we were able to check out the latest gaming headsets they are offering including the new Ear Force Z2 for PC and Ear Force XLC for Xbox 360. The Ear Force XLC will be an affordable headset option for Xbox 360 owners when it is released later this year.

We did have a chance to do some audio testing right there in the booth with my iPod Touch. I played a handful of songs that have good dynamic range like ‘All Summer Long’ by Kid Rock and ‘Real World’ by Queensrÿche. Both the Z2 and XLC showed really good sound handling and I would expect them to be great for games, music or even pod casting.

Turtle Beach also had the majority of their released lineup on hand, including the Ear Force PX1 for the PS3 we posted about in December and the full Xbox 360 lineup including the X3 and X4. The great thing about the Turtle Beach lineup is that they seem to bring a decent product to all price points of the audio spectrum. GamingNexus should be bringing you some reviews of the new Turtle Beach products later this year.
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