CES 2009: Sony gaming at their booth

by: Dan -
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During some free time, we slipped into the Sony booth to take a look at what playable games they had going in their PlayStation 3 area they had set up. Not surprising, they had Little Big Planet, Home, Killzone 2 (read John’s Impressions) and Resistance 2 set up. They also had Resistance Retribution for PSP (read John’s Impressions) playable tethered and playable with the PS3 controller.

Also on hand were four stations full of first party PlayStation network games. These included Fat Princess, Savage Moon, Crash Commando, Pixel Junk Eden, Wipeout HD, Flower and Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic. Check out the title screen for all those in the attached pictures, as well as several screen shots from the demo of Savage Moon I was given.
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