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One of the last appointments we scheduled and had was with Optoma to check out the latest projectors that they were showing off. This included their handheld Pico projector (PK-101), which is a palm sized unit that can broadcast video from a variety of sources, and a couple of DLP home theater projectors.

We started off with the Pico, as that was the one product I really wanted to take a look at. It was everything it is advertised to be, as it was small, compact and put out a much larger picture than the things you hook up to it can produce. Our hands on with the Pico included hooking it up to an iPod to test how well it looked. Unfortunately, the booth didn’t quite have a dark enough area for us, but we ere still able to see the potential of it. Regardless, you could see how well the picture looked, even on a textured wall. If it is projected on to a smooth surface, the image will look that much better. It was an impressive product and is currently available at Best Buy and Amazon at an MSRP of $399.99.

The two DLP home theater projectors we looked at were the HD8200 and the HD806 (white). Both of these 1080p projectors have their own segment in the marketplace, as the 8200 will retail for approximately $4,999 through custom installers when it is released. The HD806 is available now and retails for around $2,599 MSRP and is an all-around home theater projector designed to meet all needs.

Optoma had a real god lineup of projectors at the show and we were really impressed with the instant big screen the Pico provides. Check out booth and product images after the jump:
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