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Near the end of the JVC press event, probably the coolest TV I saw at CES 2009 (which is saying a lot based on LED and OLED technology) was unveiled to the press corp. It is the Ultra Slim LCD that is just over a ¼” thick and weighs only 11 lbs. This is a prototype and was displayed in the JVC Future technology section of their display, but it as hinted that this could make its way to retail in the near future.

Attached are some up close images I took, but check out this YouTube video hosted by Jeff Marks (GM of JVC Retail Merchandising) explaining the TV and its features. This includes a demonstration of how the magnetic back sticks to the included steel mounting stand. One of the most ingenious methods I have seen for wall mounting.

JVC Develops Next-Generation Super-Thin LCD Technology

Super Thin and Light at .28 inch (7mm) and 11lbs (5kg)
Energy Efficient LCD Makes Possible Flexible Visual Environments

Tokyo, Japan, January 5, 2009 - Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) is pleased to announce that it has developed next-generation super-thin LCD technology for 32-inch television displays. The significant reduction in thickness and weight allow greater flexibility in the design and layout of commercial and household visual environments.

Primary Features of JVC’s Next-Generation Super-Thin LCD Technology
1. Integrating a new optical system and modular LCD construction, JVC technology has made possible the company’s thinnest and lightest LCD television display at just .28 inch (7mm) in depth and 11lbs (5kg) in weight.

2. The technology uses approximately 50% less material resources and approximately 10% fewer LCD module parts than current comparable JVC displays, while maintaining optical, intensity and low-heat radiation performance. Notably, use of LED as the light source eliminates the need for mercury.

3. JVC developed new optical elements to realize this new LCD technology, overcoming technological restraints on thin displays to deliver an energy-efficient, high-resolution display exhibiting high contrast and luminance uniformity and a wide color palette.

JVC will be exhibiting a 32-inch LCD TV prototype equipped with the technology at a private venue in Las Vegas, Nevada from Wednesday, January 7 through Saturday, January 10. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s biggest home electronics exhibition, is also held at this time.

Development Background
Consumer electronics makers wrestle with the challenge of developing thinner LCD displays in parallel with other advances, such as improving display resolution and reducing image lag. Thinner LCDs provide users with greater flexibility in the design and layout of commercial and household visual environments by overcoming restrictions imposed by the thickness and weight of existing products.

JVC achieved this goal by developing next-generation super-thin LCD technology that reduces thickness to .28 inch (7mm) and weight to 11lbs (5kg). This makes it possible to enhance visual environments in places where heavy displays are difficult to install, such as public spaces, amusement facilities, outlets, companies, schools and houses.

JVC’s new technology also reduces the burden placed on the natural environment. The superthin LCD technology uses fewer material resources, features an energy-efficient proprietary driver system and eliminates the need for mercury, successfully balancing demand for thin, highdefinition LCDs with environmental responsibility. JVC will use this new technology to commercialize LCD solutions that enhance eco-friendly visual lifestyles.
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