CES 2009: Hercules

by: Dan -
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My visit to the Hercules side of the booth (they are owned by Guillemot Corporation, same as Thrustmaster) led me to a vast array of PC speakers, WiFi and webcams. I spent mot of my time with the PC speakers, and was especially impressed with the Hercules XPS 2.0 60 and 30 models. They had the sleek look of bookshelf speakers, but the functionality of what you would expect to find in a PC speaker. The other speaker system that looked good was the XPS 2.1 Lounge. This unit had a multi-device dock (iPod, Zune, etc) and was wall mountable. While it only had 10w of power, it uses a reflex port to help deliver solid mid to accompany the bass from the sub.

Overall, I was impressed with the diverse lineup of speakers (as well as cams and wireless devices) that Hercules brought to the show. There seemed to be something for just about any price range and personality in their offerings.
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