CES 2009: EA Casual Sims 3 demo

by: Dan -
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While Sean was playing with Pictureka! At the other end of the EA Casual booth, I wandered over to take a look at the unreleased Sims 3. While my Sims 3 demo was fairly short, it was focused primarily on starting a character, choosing their path of destiny and how they interact in the world.

What blew me away was how robust the character creation system is. I haven’t gotten into a Sims game in a long time, but after creating a Mii, Xbox 360 Avatar and my character in Sony’s Home, it was very refreshing to be able to tweak almost every single level of body type, face structure and wardrobe. There isn’t enough space to go over everything that was adjustable, but I am guessing there will be no problem for me to create a character that looks just like me and wears the same style clothes and furnishings.

One funny part during the demo with our female character (she was part of a brother-sister duo where she was evil and he was a good cop), we instructed her to go steal candy from a baby. And sure as can be, she took off outside, found a kid playing in a front yard and swiped the babies sucker. Then she laughed at the baby and taunted it. Awesome! This little demonstration showed just how cool you can get with the Sims, and get into character to be someone that we are not able to be in real life. Whether it is rich, poor, thief or a Good Samaritan, you can probably do it.

Basically, it looks like the Sims 3 will be more about telling the story and less about the needs of the character. Despite not having gotten into a Sims product in years, the Sims 3 has gotten my attention and I may need to get this and get back into the Sims world. The Sims 3 is due out on February 17th and will retail for $49.99 exclusively on PC.
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