CES 2009: Ace Bayou

by: Dan -
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There were several occasions at CES where Sean and I just popped into booths without an appointment to check out some gear that caught our eye. One of these was at Ace Bayou, a company I covered last year, but was unable to get an appointment with this year. We initially stopped by as part of our Band Game Booth Tour, with Sean pitting wits against the tireless blonde who was playing Guitar Hero all show long.

Eventually, we were able to speak with an Ace Bayou representative that gave us some info on a few of the XRocker products. The first was the Vibe (Sean and his competition are standing on them in the images), which is a platform that contains 2.1 audio, vibration and synching lights to the on-screen action. It is scheduled to be out in 4th Qtr and should retail for under $99.

The other two products we looked at were the Shox, which looks to be a mountain bike inspired gaming seat with 2.1 audio and rumble seat sub. It will debut later this year and should be in the $99-$129 price range. Notice the heavy duty springs on the front posts…The last product was the Kahuna overstuffed chair. This take on the bean bag features 2.0 deluxe audio with synched vibration. No word on release or pricing on it as of yet.

As usual, Sean was the Gaming Nexus guinea pig during the show, so expect full impressions from him in the near future on the XRocker Shox, Vibe and Kahuna. Check out booth images after the jump:
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