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AOC might not be as known around these parts but they are making a big push in 2009 with gamers. They are launching their Gamer Certified series of displays made for fast movements and great picture quality so gamers get the best view they can get. At the show there were a few on hand.

The AOC 2230Fh is their 22” display with 20,000:1 contrast ratio and  a quick 2ms response time. The bezel has a diamond like pattern around it and it’s pretty nice looking up close. It’s not something cheap that you can pull off either so you know it’ll last between movings if you are taking it to LAN parties. Width wise, the monitor is thin and felt light as well.  Not only does the unit have a VGA input but it has HDMI as well for the latest cards. There’s also the dynamic contrast ratio control as well. Resolution is at 1680x1050.

For those that want to step it up a bit in terms of features there’s the 2230Fm HD which has a built in 4-in-1 memory card reader and a built in multi-media player. So if you want to stick this in say an area for customers and run a loop of your products, you can do so by putting the file on the memory card and not even hook the display up to a computer.  You can also think of this as a very big picture frame if you put a bunch of photos on the card and have it loop through. Seeing some prices of 15” digital picture frames being in the mid 200’s, you can grab a multi-functioning unit that can act as a picture frame at 22” for about $50 more. Again it features the nice design of the 2230Fh.

Later on, AOC is going to be bring out WLED monitors featuring a eye popping 100,000:1 contrast ratio. Using white-LED lighting, the folks at AOC can produce an ultra-thin monitor that’s very bright. Again, it will feature the 2ms response time that gamers want. While not on display, I did check out their Verfino line of WLED monitors they had on display. When you talk about thin, these monitors are super thin. The V17 is 11.9mm thick while the V19 featuring a 2ms GTG response time was 18.5mm thin. When the V22 comes out it will also be 18.5 mm as well.  The design is sleek with a black bezel and a burgundy bottom. Looking at the screen, you can see the 100,000:1 contrast ratio in action producing a very vivid and clear picture.  Some have built in microphones and webcams so you can do some conference calls with the monitor.  For those worried about the environment, the V19 and V22 will be totally free of mercury.

Below are some pictures of the monitors they had on display and they all looked really good in person. I’ll be interested if they come out with a 120Hz monitor in the near future since that seems to be the next step.
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