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I had a chance to meet with ezGear, who has several gaming products available, and a few new ones that will be introduced in 2008. The main attractions were the ezJam Guitar, which is designed for people with smaller hands and children. It sports 10 fret keys, including the standard sized ones in the usual spot on the neck, and five frets that are close to the body of the guitar and thinner in width. The first model is the wired ezJam S-10, available in red, blue and pink for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The MSRP will be $79.99. Check out the release after the jump for full details.

I was also able to check out the ezSpace UFO Multi-Outlet extender. This is a cool little take on the six-plug outlet, in that it is cone shaped while accepting plugs without blocking any outlets. The sloped sides and height of 3.25”, along with wall or floor mounting make for a cool way to organize the rat’s nest behind your gaming rig. The UFO Multi-Outlet Expander will be available in wither four or six plug models and in tan or white. It is scheduled to ship in January 2008. Check out all the details in the release after the jump:
 First Guitar Hero Controller with Keys for Smaller Hands:
ezGear’s ‘ezJam Guitar’ Lets Players of All Sizes Rock Out

LAS VEGAS (Consumer Electronics Show, January 7, 2008) — If you’ve ever watched a child or a smaller adult play Guitar Hero, you’ve probably noticed that the fret keys on the guitar peripheral are too far apart for them to kick their scores up to rock star ranks. Accessory maker ezGear is now leveling the musical playing field with the 10-fret ezJam Guitar for Guitar Hero II/III, the first guitar controller for both small and large hands.

Five standard-sized fret buttons for adults are located on the lower end of the neck as usual. Five narrower keys for smaller hands are situated on the upper end, where they are easier to reach for shorter arms as well as closer together for easier playing by those with smaller finger spans. Result: anyone can master the fretwork on Heart’s “Barracuda” or Van Halen’s “You Really Got Me” regardless of their age or physical stature.

The first model, the ezJam S-10, is a wired controller that also includes a strum bar, tremolo bar, tilt sensor and guitar strap. It is available in red, blue and pink for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 at an MSRP of $79.99

New ezSpace UFO Outlet Extender Fits More Power Adapters
In Less Space; Unique Flying Saucer Design from ezGear

LAS VEGAS (Consumer Electronics Show, January 7, 2008) — ezGear today introduced a new multi-outlet extender called the ezSpace UFO that solves the problem of fitting multiple power adapters, chargers and transformers into a conventional linear or newer circular power strip. Shaped like a flying saucer with sloping sides, the ezSpace UFO can accommodate four or six plugs of any size without blocking outlets, squeezing fingers, or causing bulky adapter boxes to protrude far beyond the edge of the unit.

Short for Uniquely Formed Outlets, the ezSpace UFO stands 3.25” high with a diameter of 6.25” at its widest point. The unit is narrower at the top than at the bottom with the sockets situated midway between the two at even intervals around the circumference. The slanted design means the outlets are recessed from the bottom edge, enabling adapters to plug in without a large overhang. The spacing of the outlets around the perimeter ensures that adapters do not interfere with each other or overlap the outlets themselves.

The ezSpace UFO comes in four- and six-plug floor and wall-mounted editions with or without surge protection. It is available in tan or black and can be used in any setting, including offices, conference rooms, hotels, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, workbenches, warehouses and tradeshows.

The first products in the line will ship in January.
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