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One of my appointments that I was most looking forward to was with Westinghouse, who usually has some good technology up their sleeves. This year Westinghouse was introducing two new TV lines, new LCD Monitors and a few of their emerging technologies (wireless, LED backlighting and 3D.)

The biggest introduction that Westinghouse had to offer at CES was two new lines of LCD televisions, the VK and TX series. The VK has models ranging from 40” to 47” sizes, including one 42” model (VK-42F2540S) that sports four HDMI ports, unlike the two that the remainder of the line have. They are all 1080p capable and sport a 6.5 ms response time. From what I saw of them on the show floor, they produce really good images, especially at the suggested price point. The VK series will be available in March 2008, with MSRP prices ranging from $1,099 to $1,499.

The TX series, which is a step up, will offer a 42”, 47” and 52” LCD televisions all with full 1080p resolution. The biggest change from the VK series is that the entire line will offer four HDMI inputs and all HD inputs will deliver a 1080p signal, including component. I had a chance to watch one of these models being utilized as a display with Crysis being played on it and was very impressed with the picture details and the response time (all rated at 6.5 ms).

Westinghouse also unveiled a quite a few new LCD Computer displays ranging in size from 16” to 26”. The crown jewel of this bunch was the 26” L2610NW, which sported 1920x1200 resolution. In addition, it has a 2 ms response time, 170 degree viewing angle, an HDMI input and is Windows Home Premium compliant. All this for a MSRP of $499. The specs are good enough, and from what I saw of the display, while capable of doubling as an HDTV as well as a PC monitor. All LCD monitors will also be shipping in March 2008.

There was a couple of emerging technologies that Westinghouse was showing off. The first was a 26” 3D LCD Monitor that did not require glasses to see the 3D image. It had a sweet spot, where it provided a 3D look and feel as long as you stayed in that area. Another new tech was a 24” LCD with LED backlighting. It is good for outdoor use, and provides excellent color reproduction. The third technology was geared toward commercial industry, but was a full wireless integrated LCD set that utilized Wireless N technology. If this was brought to the consumer side, it would have limitless option on how to use it. Both technologies were quite impressive in their respective development cycle.

Check out all the images from the Westinghouse booth after the jump:
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