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I was able to attend a meeting with Viewsonic to see some of their latest flat-panel models. These included a new line of LCDs as well as some superb combo units that double up as both an HDTV and a Hi-quality computer monitor.

The latest LCDs Viewsonic is offering are their HR90 series, with sizes that range from 26” all the way up to 52”. Common features on all the sizes are a 6000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, PC input, 1366x768 resolution for the 26” and 32” models and full 1080p with 1920x1080 resolution for the 42”, 47” and 52” models. Every unit 32” and above has 3 HDMI inputs and 6.5ms response time. I thought the aesthetics of the HR90 series were excellent, and complimented the quality images that they were displaying.

One of the coolest products I saw displayed anywhere at CES was the Viewsonic HR30 series of HDTV/PC Monitor Combo units. The sizes include 16”, 19” and 22”, with all having an HDMI and Component input for HD as well as a PC connection and integrated ATSC (HD) and NTSC tuners. The N1630w has 1366x728 resolution with 8ms response and a 2500:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The N1930w offers 1440x900 resolution with 8ms response and 4000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The largest, the N2230w can handle full 1080p with 1680x1050 resolution, 5ms response and 4000:1 dynamic contrast. The three units looked fantastic with each of the demos that were on them. Their specs differ based on size, but any one looks to be a great addition to any small space.

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