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I dropped by the Polk Audio booth in between appointments to check out the new satellite and surround bar and satellite systems they have for 2008. Polk Audio products will always hold a place in my heart, as my first set up speakers I owned were a pair of bookshelf S4 models, and I still have a complete Polk system in my basement anchored by the S6 models.

The booth held several new products, by my focus was quickly on the SurroundBar 360 DVD Theater. As the name suggests, the Surround360 utilizes a single speaker bar connected by one cable to the head unit. It houses eight drivers and uses the Polk Audio patented power port technology to deliver deeper bass along with its 5.1 surround. The accompanying head unit houses a built in amp, AM/FM radio and is capable of upconvert DVD and CD playback. There are also multiple digital and analog audio inputs and outputs. All in all, the SurroundBar 360 seems ideally suited for people looking to create big sound with a small and simple setup. It would be perfect for gamers, small rooms or anyone that wants to add a nice piece of audio equipment to any theater system.

Another cool product that Polk introduced was the I-Sonic Entertainment System, which most resembles an oversized iPod dock. The best way to describe the I-Sonic is as a tabletop mini-home theater, with capabilities to deliver iPod video via analog video outs. Other cool features are the second generation HD radio, iTune tagging and full clock functionality. The I-Sonic is a nifty little product for anyone that owns a video (or standard) iPod.

I wasn’t able to demo them, but two satellite systems that caught my eye were the RM85 and RM705 systems. The RM 705 is a 5.1, six-piece system featuring four identical satellites (RM7), a center (RM7C) and a powered sub. The RM85 is a 5.1 satellite only system, with two larger fronts (RM8) and two smaller rears (RM7) and a center channel (RM8C). Not having heard them directly, but knowing the Polk sound, I imagine these would be a great audio system to use in your home theater and gaming rig. Both systems appear to retail for $499.99.

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