CES 2008: Nyko - Wii

by: Chuck -
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I've been a bit fan of Nyko's Wii charging station since it came out last year, I'd be a bigger fan but there really haven't been a lot of Wii games that I've liked so far.  Nyko was showing off three new additions to their Wii lineup this year, the Wireless Nunchuk, Perfect Shot, and FrontMan Wireless Guitar.

I know a lot of people are wondering why you really need a wireless nunchuk but there are people out there who find the cord to be a little on the short side.  I know it's a minority  but the Wireless Nunchuk is nice product even for those who don't feel constrained by the cord.  To hook it up you plug in a small transmitter to the bottom of the Wii remote and you're good to go.  The nunchuck has a good feel to it and I didn't notice any lag with the controller.  It feels a little heavier than the standard nunchuck but not enough to be distracting.  The only negative about the device is that it uses standard batteries.  I asked the Nyko rep if they were working on a rechargeable batteries for the nunchuck and he indicated that they were going to see how well received the device was before they sunk money into developing batteries for the device.

Up next was the Perfect Shot gun controller which is a much, much better solution for light gun games than the hunk of crap Nintendo is selling.  The Perfect Shot has a great feel to it and I really like the responsiveness of the trigger. There's no awkward second grip to deal with and the gun is light enough to use one handed.  It's a nice companion to the wireless nunchuck and hopefully Nyko will sell some kind of bundle in the future.
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