CES 2008: Nyko - PS3

by: Chuck -
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Nyko continues to stress that they view their role in the console market is to patch holes.  This is demonstrated best in their lineup of PS3 products.  It's easy to take shots at Sony here but Nyko has done a really good job of coming up with a solid line of PS3 products.  This year the focus was on the new Zero Wireless controller, Frontman Wireless Guitar, and Charge Base 2.

John checked out the new Frontman Wireless Guitar for the PS3 and found it to be OK.  He's more a fan of the flush button Rock Band guitar but if you like the Guitar Hero style controllers you might want to check this out.  The guitar does work with Rock Band and Guitar Hero via a dongle so if you have both games and want one solution this is probably worth picking up.

There's a certain irony to the fact that the first PS3 controller with rumble in the US is going to be from Nyko.  Sure you can import an official Sony one for $75 or so but why pay the extra money when you can get a Nyko one for much less?  Of course that depends if you like the shape of the Nyko Zero or not. 

The final item from Nyko is an update to the charging station they released last year.  Instead of having to plug in the small mini-usb ports onto the charging system you now put a plug over the USB port and then drop it into the charger.  This makes it a lot easier to charge your controllers as you no longer have to wrestle with blindly connecting the mini-usb ports to the rail.  It is a nice system but I worry about people losing the connectors and I still prefer Dual Charger they released last year but that's just me.
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