CES 2008: NYKO - Xbox 360

by: Dan -
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Chuck, John and I went to our NYKO appointment to check out the new gear they were offering for 2008. I always enjoy meeting with them, as they tend to come up with some of the best third-party peripherals in terms of quality and innovation. For the Xbox 360, they were showing two new products, the Guitar Strap and the Charge Base 360. Chuck or John should have the Playstation 3 and Wii stuff up soon.

The Guitar Strap actually comes in five different styles, including white and black striped, checkerboard, pink checkerboard, Skull on red and black and a European Soccer looking style. They are five feet in length with a wide strap and are designed to fit all guitar types (Rock Band and Guitar Hero). Each strap is 100% cotton. Pricing and availability were not known at this time.

The second new product was the Charge Base 360. This device allows for Xbox 360 controllers to be dropped into the Charge Base and charged while not in play. Each Charge Base comes with two NiMH batteries (with external contact points) that have up to 25 hours of charge time. It also has both a USB and wall outlet plug to meet whichever charging option best fits your gaming rig setup. The last cool feature is dual LED indicator lights on the base to show the charging status. The Charge Base 360 is due out in Qtr 1 2008 at a MSRP of $29.99

Check out stock images and photos from the show of both the Guitar Straps and Charge Base 360 after the jump:
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