CES 2008: Master Chief in Wax

by: Dan -
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One thing I was hoping to see was the wax replica of Master Chief at Madam Tussauds here in Vegas. They always have two statues outside the museum, and I was hoping that MC would be one. He wasn’t as Jerry Springer and Whoopi Goldberg greeted us as we rode up the escalator. However, just inside the main entrance was the big Master Chief and Halo 3 display. I was able to grab a few photos (see below), but they don’t so the statue justices as to exactly how big it is. Remember, these are built to “life-like” or, if a fictional character, described size. Well, the wax replica is 7'2" and weighs 275 lbs.  Master Chief is a beast!  Chuck took some pics as well, so they may go up later tonight.
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