CES 2008: Logitech Harmony One

by: John -
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We’ve reviewed a few Harmony remotes from Logitech and CES 2008 saw the debut of the Harmony One, the latest in their line of remotes. Going back to the traditional remote shape from their last product, the Harmony 1000, the Harmony One features raised buttons and a color touch screen. This is a marked improvement over the Harmony 880 where it was hard to tell what buttons were being pressed without looking. They are grouped into logical areas as well.

This is the second Harmony remote that features a color touch screen. It’ll be interesting to see how customizable the touchscreen is but I like how the Activities area is simplified with the touchscreen rather than having hard buttons for each option.

The Harmony One is shaped to be comfortable when held in your hand and the demo unit I held felt pretty good. I like the curved bottom and the width wasn’t too much for my small hands.

One of the complaints I had on the Harmony 880 was that the contacts were small and sometimes the remote didn’t register when trying to recharge. The Harmony One features a rechargeable feature as well but the contacts are a lot larger. This should eliminate the charging problem found on the earlier remotes.

Like all other Harmony remotes, this one features the easy programmable software that sets up your remote in a snap. If for some reason the software doesn’t find your remote’s command, the Harmony One can also learn commands from other remotes.

Overall, the Harmony One remote seems like a nice addition to the line. It will retail for $250 and start shipping this month.
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