CES 2008: Dreamflyer

by: Chuck -
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Dave, stop reading this right now. As our flight sim guy the Dreamflyer is one of those things that pilots and flight sim junkies like yourself are looking for a cheap(er) way to get a full motion experience flight experience in their homes.  It's a pretty slick system that uses pulleys and weights over hydraulics (which is how they keep costs downs) but once you are sitting in the pilot seat you don't really care. The motion is smooth and jerk free.  The Dreamflyers are built to order and you can get everything from a simple one screen system up to a three LCD monster (you can add more but the three screens are a nice sweet spot).  Of course you can skip the screens all together and go with a projector but since the screens move with you that's probably the better option. 

The folks at Dreamflyer use a full compliment of modified Saitek gear which really helps add to the experience (Dave you should know this, you've loved their products in the past).  The three monitor solution is going to sell for $1700 without monitors (around $3000 with three big LCDs) so while it's not cheap, it's still dramatically cheaper than the nearest alternative.
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