CES 2008: Digital Experience - Dan's Thoughts

by: Dan -
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After hearing about how cool the Digital Experience was last year, I was really looking forward to attending. However, the Gates Keynote went long, so Chuck and I didn’t get over to Caesar’s Palace from the Venetian until about 8:15 (it started at 7:00 p.m.). They had a nice spread of food and beverages, but the majority of items on display were not what our readers would be interested in. There were some cool AlienWare products (a wrap-around monitor and a custom PC case), we saw the new Dell Laptops in person and a unique DLP product that allowed dual view on the same DLP projector using special glasses. Otherwise, it was pretty well packed and just a handful of interesting items. I’m sure everyone will be posting their thoughts in due time. In the meantime, here is a picture (grainy) of the Samsung DLP Dual View TV.
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