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At CES, I met up with Dell at the Renaissance Hotel which is right by the Convention Center. The folks at Dell had a booth in at the show but I was led to a few new products coming soon from them. I'm not privy to talk much about what I saw but here are some pictures of what was there. The two things I can talk about is the World of Warcraft branded XPS M1730 and the XPS 630.

If you're a World of Warcraft fan, you'll definitely love the laptop. It's got some great artwork on the lid of the laptop. As you can see from the picture the Logitech LCD is built into it which I really like. It comes with a nice CD carrying case for your game and a really nicely branded bag to haul the laptop around. Included with the setup is what they call the "Golden Ticket" whereby you can have your character created as a figure. It's a great collectible idea and I hope that other MMORPG companies offer this in the future. Finally, the whole setup comes in two World of Warcraft branded boxes. All in all, it's a slick package for fans of Blzzard's MMORPG and for those that want to play the game on the go.

The XPS 630 was also at the meeting and on the show floor in a black finish. No specifications were given but you can bet it's going to have a lot of good options for gamers. The system has some external LEDs on the front and the back of the machine. Other than that I can't reveal much else but hey you got pretty pictures to look at.

Dell also works closely with Alienware and they've helped each other in sharing ideas for good systems. Dell still relies on Alienware to be on the bleeding edge of hardware and will only come out with a system when they think the time is right. Hence, Alienware was asked by Dell to produce a Skulltrail machine instead of one of their own.

The few items I saw at Dell looked pretty good as they look to cater towards gamers more with their new systems. I'm sure you'll hear more in the near future as the products I saw weren't too far off from being released.
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