CES 2008: Belkin

by: Chuck -
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Belkin was showing off their new N52 TE at CES this year. It's not that much different than the N52 they released previously (the TE stands for Tournament Edition).  The new model is now backlit, has a better finish, and some on board memory to help retain your programmable settings. 

I had never used the old unit so I was interested to see what the unit was like.  Despite a few issues with how some of the keys were mapped (who maps feign death over jump for Unreal Tournament 3?  Seriously) I found the set to have a fairly good feel to it and it was very responsive.  I didn't much of a chance to check out the other buttons or the three different memory configurations (something I can see being very handy for a game like Supreme Commander).  It's a pretty nice device and seems well built (as a $69.99 device should be).  It might be worth checking out if you're looking for a decent gaming peripheral.
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