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I first visited Atlantic Inc. at last years CES and came away impressed with the quality products and smart storage solutions they offered. I was very eager to check out what their 2008 product lineup had in store, and I wasn’t disappointed. I was given a booth tour by Ron Lien, Marketing Director of Atlantic Inc., and saw the 2008 lineup for the Gamekeeper line as well as several other brand new storage solutions.

Transforming Gaming Center
The crown jewel of the Gamekeeper lineup is the 2008 version of the Transforming Gaming Center. This unit is extremely compact when it is closed up, but can hold up to four consoles with accessories and swivels for easy access. In addition, it is 75% open across the back and top to provide superior air-flow for the fan system. It is impressive to see with the light kit and fans, as well as practical for holding so much in such a small space. It would fit well in a dorm or child’s bedroom. The Transforming Game Center will be available in May 2008 at and MSRP of $199.99 without the fan and lighting kit, which can be added for an additional $59.99.

Stealth Entertainment Center
The Stealth Entertainment Center quickly caught my attention when we checked out Atlantic’s lineup of entertainment stands that were on display. Not only is the Stealth a sharp looking unit, it can support up to a 50-inch flat panel TV and four components. The center section can conceal a console of computer in vertical alignment, and much like the Transforming Gaming Center, is ventilated on multiple sides. One of the great things is that the box size will be smaller than standard entertainment furniture, getting only as big as the center section. The Stealth will be available in April of 2008 for an MSRP of $399.

Wii bag and Wii Strap
Two products that are already on the market are the Wii bag and Wii Strap. The Wii bag provides storage and transport for the Nintendo Wii, controllers, cables and games. It does have one unique feature in that it has a specific zipped pouch to place the Wii Sensor bar so it is out of harms way. The Wii strap can be used in place of the strap that comes with the controller, but it provides a stylish and more secure fit. Instead of just looping around the wrist, it attaches similar to a bowling glove by wrapping-around the wrist securely. It comes in a two pack with four colors (Black and Blue, Pink and Green). The Wii Strap retails for $12.99 per two-pack, and the Wii bag retails for $29.99.

Girls Gaming Bag
New this year is the Girls Gaming Bag set designed for stylish storage and transport for all the girl-gamers out there. They come in a purple design with either a black or white trim. Much like the Atlantic’s other storage bags, the Girls Gaming Bag easily doubles as a casual bag or a storage solution for gaming gear. No word yet on availability and pricing.

Portable Gaming Module
The Portable Gaming Module is a three-part, uniquely designed storage solution that can double as a normal backpack and also as a console travel case. In addition to the three separate bags, the Gaming Module line also has customizable inserts that can be created. The main bag doubles as a casual backpack or as a console storage/transport bag. The secondary bag that houses the custom inserts would be perfect for transporting controllers, games and cables. It can be used as a stand-alone bag, or clipped right onto the main backpack. The third piece to this group is the matching portable bag that can get attached to the storage bag or put inside either of the two larger bags. There was no additional info at this time on pricing or how they will be sold (as a group or individually).

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