CES 2008: Age of Conan

by: Chuck -
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Age of Conan is a game that I've been tracking for a while as it represents one of the few MMO's that I think I could really get into.  The game has a strong emphasis on action and combat and that appeals to me over most of the other offerings on the market where there's some downtime or a need to spend hours upon hours in the game to get anything done.  A crasser person might say that the appeal of Age of Conan is the blood, gore, and boobies but I'm not that person and it's not that like approach worked well for the Conan action game that was released earlier this year.

The game has come a ways since I saw it at E3 and the developers have been tightening up the combat system a bit.  There's a shiny new combo system in the game as well as a host of other improvements that really up the combat in the game.  I don't remember any gory decapitations from the E3 demo but the new animations are pretty sweet and when you pull one off you get a nice blood splatter on the screen.

After seeing the game in action (again) I'm still pretty stoked about getting a chance to play it when it hits later this year.  I just need to see if I can weasel my way into the beta program when it kicks off in a month or so.  Check out more images of the hands on after the jump:
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