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Dan and I got a chance to check out Cooking Mama: Cook Off today in the Majesco booth.  While the game isn't coming out until the second quarter of 2007 the build we played today was fairly solid and bug free.  The game really takes advantage of the Wii controller by allowing you to go through the entire cooking life cycle for a recipe.  That's right now easy trip to Giant Eagle to pick up a pre-cooked meal (i.e. Lazy Chuck's Microwave Express) as you have to do everything from preparing the vegetables to shelling the fish for the meal to finally putting everything together.  At it's heart the game is really just a collection of connected mini-games but I think it's something that everyone will really enjoy.  In addition to the standard cooking mode you also have the chance to play against a collection of international "friends" who have their own regional recipes as well as a fun head to head multiplayer mode (for the record I'm much better at cooking virtual lasagna than Dan is).  The game is a lot of fun and if they can iron out some of the quirky control issues I think Majesco is going to have a game that every body in the family will enjoy.

The folks at Majesco were also showing off a cake themed follow-up to Cooking Mama for the DS but we did not get a chance to play it.
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