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EVE Online's next (free) expansion, Rubicon, has a lot going on, I'm not going to lie. There are mobile structures, ghost sites, Sisters of Eve faction ships, guerrilla-style warfare, hi-sec customs offices, warp changes, new ship guide, certificate overhaul, and rebalancing.

EVE developer CCP knows there's a lot going on. So they're going over to where they will live stream all these changes this Thursday, November 14. It'll be at 7 p.m. UTC. That's 2 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Central.

Look, it's almost a new year. Time to broaden your horizons. Time to put down the Paladin armor and orc axes and play a real analytics nightmare of a game: 

EVE Online: Rubicon Live Stream and Trailer Debut at 19:00 UTC November 14th

This Thursday at 19:00 UTC, CCP Games will be hosting an EVE Online: Rubicon live stream in association with that features everything coming in EVE’s 20th expansion on November 19th. CCP will also debut the brand new Rubicon cinematic trailer—a visual feast sure to spotlight the same glorious spaceship destruction that EVE has been famous for throughout its rich history.

Tune in at or embed it on your own site.

Other programming includes a walkthrough of the long term vision for EVE Online, a recap of recent player gatherings, and more. During the course of the live stream, the EVE Community team will be giving away three EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition—a remarkable celebration of the only MMO to have grown each year for ten years and to have been added to the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art.

Come see the secret formula of EVE, witness its infamous, imaginative community, and relax with some space-loving developers who live in Iceland.

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