Bye bye ATI, we will miss you

by: John -
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The ATI name's been around for a long time but when the merger between AMD and ATI happened, I was waiting for them to completely remove the ATI branding. It took a while but it looks like that's happening starting later this year.

We haven't reviewed an ATI/AMD product in a while but they were incredible in their amount of support they gave us early on. I reviewed plenty of items from them and they had some really great cards in their lifetime. Of course, like any company, they had some that weren't that well done but nowadays, they're rolling pretty well with their 5XXX line.

It's a little sad to see the ATI branding go but understandable. The Radeon name lives on though and most people know the cards by that name instead of ATI. So, with that, thanks for all the memories ATI.
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