Buy Xbox 360 gear early at Best Buy?

by: Chuck -
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While doing a little shopping at the local Best Buy I noticed that they've already cleared out space for the Xbox 360 in the Xbox aisle and put up a bunch of materials for the Xbox 360.  What's interesting is that it looks like you will be able to buy some of the games and peripherals a week before the system goes on sale.  They even have pre-sale flyers for which games will be on shelves on which dates as well as having pricing up for the various Xbox 360 peripherals (first and third party).  The following games will be available on 11/15 according to Best Buy:
 - Need for Speed: Most Wanted
 - Dead or Alive 4
 - Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter
 - Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
 - Quake 4
 - Perfect Dark: Zero
 - Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
 - Project Gotham Racing 3
 - Kameo
 - Condemned: Criminal Origins
 - Call of Duty 2

The following games will be available at launch:
  - Peter Jackson's King Kong

We have heard that PGR3 and Oblivion have already slipped into December and that Ghost Recon has slipped into 2006 so I'm guessing there's a disconnect there with the marketing folks. Click the headline for all the details and some pictures of the flyers and pricetags.
Here are some cam pics of the flyers and setup
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