Buy Halo 4, play multiplayer, ????, profit

by: Nathaniel -
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Microsoft has revealed a new promotion today that awards gamers Microsoft points for playing Halo 4's multiplayer and/or buying Halo 4 Marketplace content.

It's too bad then that the people who stand to benefit the most from this promotion will never see it - they'll be too busy playing Halo 4's multiplayer to do things like get online or read.

Anyway, it breaks down like this: play Halo 4 multiplayer for 35+ and you'll receive 100 MSP, play for 70+ hours and you'll receive 300 MSP, and if you play for 140+ hours, you'll receive 600 MSP.

You can also nab 200 more MSP if you spend at least 3000 MSP on Halo 4 Marketplace items.  That's a maximum total of 800 MSP if you put in 140+ hours AND spend 3000 MSP on Halo 4 content.  

Now before you get too excited, you should know that you only have until November 30.  That's 5.83 hours and 125 MSP a day if you start right now.  So why are you still reading this?


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