Button mashers beware: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Portable announced

by: Jeremy -
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 There are two types of fighting game players in the world, button mashers and those who know what to do with the joystick and buttons.  Some games cater to one group, some to the other... BlazBlue from Arc System Works definitely catered to those gamers who know their button combinations and count their animation frames.  The game is a button mashers worst nightmare according to many and one that requires true skill to succeed in... well, those skillful gamers will soon be able to take their battles on the go.  Arc System's has announced that BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Portable is coming the the PlayStation Portable this March.  The game is scheduled to contain all of the content from the original arcade and console version as well as additional gameplay modes such as Legion Mode (survival plus strategy) and Shop Mode (tons of unlockable extras).  The project lead from Arc Systems, Michael Manzanares has been quoted as saying that "...every frame of animation and hit box is painstakingly replicated from the original game", which is an encouraging thought.  It is interesting to see that they are releasing a full PSP version of the the game considering that the original PlayStation 3 version supported remote play, which is something that I would love to see more games do.  At least now gamers won't have to leave their PS3 on to get their fix on the go.  The game will be available in both UMD and downloadable forms... check out the official announcement trailer:

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