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If you haven't attempted the Burn Zombie Burn! world tour contest then you'd better do it quickly--the deadline is Monday November 2nd. If you can reach the top position on the Secret Lab stage leaderboard by then, you'll be awarded with a trip to the Paris catacombs and Egypt's Valley of the Kings. If you're going for the high score I'd stock up on some caffeine and burn the midnight oil; players have been vying for the top spot for over a month now, and the lead score is 49,751,223.
Burn Zombie Burn is Dying to Send you to Paris and Egypt...
And Your Time is Running Out!

Less Than a Week Left To Win the Ultimate Tour of the Dead,
Current Leader Score to Beat 49,751,233

GUILDFORD, ENGLAND, Oct. 27, 2009 - Competition for the coveted Zombie World Tour 2009 vacation is heating up on the Burn Zombie Burn! leaderboard, with less than one week left until a winner is named.
Players have until Monday, Nov. 2 to vie for top position on the Burn Zombie Burn! leaderboard by playing the Secret Lab level on Freeplay mode. The highest-ranked zombie killer will be whisked away on a tour of some of the world's creepiest locations, compliments of Kuju Entertainment and doublesix. Right now, therealfire is in the lead, with a score of 49,751,233. You can check for the latest leaderboard updates at http://burnzombieburn.com/leaderboard.

A Grateful Dead Whirlwind World Tour
Catacombs Skulls The winning player and a friend will start their journey in Paris, where they will stay at The Aida
Opera Hotel, in the heart of the city, for three nights. While in Paris, they will tour the Catacombes
de Paris, a labyrinth of tunnels covered entirely in the skulls and bones of 18th century Parisians. The catacombs, officially known as l'Ossuaire Municipal, were constructed in the late 18th Century to accommodate the overwhelming number of bodies as population soared beyond the capacity of church cemeteries.
LachaiseThe next stop in Paris will be Pere Lachaise Cemetery, one of the most famous cemeteries in the world, and eternal home to the likes of Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. Pere Lachaise Cemetery was established in 1804 by Napoleon I, following a ban on cemeteries within the city limits of Paris. If there are zombies to be found in France, the master zombie-killer who wins this tour is sure to find them at these eerie historic locations.

Once Paris has been cleared of any undead, it will be off to Egypt, where the winner will spend five nights at the Mercure Hotel in Luxor, overlooking the Nile River. By day, they will explore ancient Egyptian history with tours of the Valley of the Kings, final resting place of Egyptian kings and nobles including King Tutankhamun, and Hatshepsut Temple, a mortuary temple dedicated to the sun god.
 Valley of the Kings
The Valley of the Kings contains at least 63 tombs, with new ones discovered as recently as last year. Nobles, pharaohs and their families were laid to rest there from 1539 BC to 1075 BC. Do they remain at rest? That will be for the Burn Zombie Burn! contest winner to find out for sure!

 HatshepsutA private tour of Hatshepsut Temple will introduce the winner to Hatshepsut, the fifth pharaoh and the longest-reigning woman in the Egyptian dynasty. As was the custom, Hatshepsut oversaw the construction of her own mortuary temple, which stands today on the West Bank of the Nile River, near the entrance to the Valley of Kings.

Additional details and official contest rules can be found on the Burn Zombie Burn! Web site at www.burnzombieburn.com.
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