Burgertime HD in all its glory

by: Jeremy -
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MonkeyPaw Games is finally giving gamers a good, close look at their upcoming remake of the classic Burgertime series. Burgertime HD is coming to all 4 major platforms: PC, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Last week, MonkeyPaw release both an official trailer as well as a slew of direct feed screenshots for the modernized classic.

The debut trailer for the game gives us a good look at the revamped gameplay of the new title. It sure seems as though the developers have nailed the frantic fun and feel of the original Burgertime game(s) with a great new look. The game looks great both still and in motion. MonkeyPaw also released a small April Fool’s joke on Friday in the form of a video showing the Delicious Edition of the game which features the “Burger King” King playable in the new game. You can check that out on the next page.

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