Bulletstorm’s got skillz!

by: Jeremy -
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The cast of Bulletstorm has some major skills and would like to show you a few of them. In what appears to be the first of a new line of trailers which are called “Skillisodes”, People Can Fly is showing people just a few examples of all of the crazy things they can do in the upcoming Bulletstorm.

Judging from the text in the trailer, there will be a total of 135 skillshots in the game, and you can bet one of the achievements / trophies will consist of you getting them all. The video only shows off three skillshots so I am willing to bet that they will show us plenty more in further “skillisodes” between now and the release date for the game next month. Let’s just hope that they don’t give them all away and leave us some room for exploration to discover some of them for ourselves...

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