Bulletins: The Rush for Paraworld

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Demos, Mod Tools, Patches
  • The medieval and primeval combine to form something truly evil in Paraworld.  Check out the land of the lost's multiplayer demo. [AG]
  • Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory puts you in American and Japanese boots during WW2.  Here's a demo of this historical RTS. [AG]
  • Rush for Berlin hooks you up with its mod tools.  It's kind of heartwarming how the word "community" almost always follows "mod."  They've also got the 1.2 patch ready for deployment. [AG]
Trailers, Screenshots
  • Battlefield 2142's "Camp Gibraltar" trailer is rock-solid. [AG]
  • Marvel at the Ultimate Alliance game introduction trailer. [AG]
  • Call of Duty 3 has 2 trailers: "St. Malo" and "The Island" (the latter doesn't have a Scarlet Johansson cameo, unfortunately). [AG]
  • Eagle Eye Golf hollers 'fore!' in October for the PS2.  Here's a caddyshack of trailers. [AG]
  • The "unlimited" part of Test Drive Unlimited stands for the number of previews they've had lined up.  Feel behind the wheels of the Cadillac and Ducati in these trailers. [AG]
  • Eureka Seven Vol. 1: The New Wave takes you on a mechanized sky-surfing combat adventure.  These screenshots scream 'surf's up!' [AG]
  • GTR2's heavily sponsored cars show off the "Imola Track" in this movie. [AG]
  • A Yakuza movie "Restaurant Ambush"?  That's something that never made it into Trevor Chan's Restaurant Empire. [AG]
  • Two more exclusive screenshots for Pirates of the Burning Sea are off the starboard bow at MMORPG.com.
  • Part 2 of 3 for Apolyton's video tour of the Firaxis offices is ready to download.  It shows off an exclusive look at some Alpha Centauri logos that were ultimately rejected by publisher EA. [ACS]
Articles, Interviews
  • Why is there a new Madden game every year?  Because it sells over a million copies annually, that's why.  AtomiGamer takes a look at the Madden franchise from its mid-80's origin. [AG]
  • Sony Online Entertainment's Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Chris Kramer, gets a grilling from MMORPG.com.
  • DJ Larkin, Content Developer for Dark Age of Camelot, has an audio interview posted up at the MMORPG.com site, as well as some Q&A to round out his developer profile.
Thanks to AtomicGamer, MMORPG.com
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