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The folks at Focus Home Entertainment have a challenge for you. Build your own city and make it work better than our own government. Well, I actually through that last part in, but with Cities XL 2011 hitting soon, the rest is true. Check out the new screens (and pack shot) below to see what awaits you as you take your turn as virtual mayor and build out your cities while trying to balance economic trade and economics with a blend of uniqueness. Cities XL 2011 will be available on PC later in the month of October.


With its release planned this month, Cities XL 2011 unveils more of itself through beautiful images, which we offer you to discover now!

Showcasing some of the many novelties of Cities XL 2011, these images are the opportunity to discover what awaits you in the game: between the hundreds of new buildings and monuments, a sophisticated public transports system, including both bus and subway networks, or also the numerous new maps with varied and realistic environments, Cities XL 2011 offers you a freedom never seen before!

For the first time in this kind of game, Cities XL 2011 finally lets you go beyond the simple creation of a city! Connect every city that you build in a trade network, specialize some of them so that they can provide for others, and create a large-scale economy balance!

Cities XL 2011 will be released on PC this month.

About Cities XL 2011:
With Cities XL 2011, build and develop gigantic cities on realistic 3D maps, thanks to an incredible collection counting more than 700 buildings and unique structures. You are the virtual mayor and as such, you will need to find the right balance between economic development for your city, public transportation, housing, social services, leisure activities and even special events in town. Realism has been pushed a little bit deeper with larger cities, more realistic and more sophisticated than ever before!

Widen your horizon!
Cities XL 2011 pushes its limits further: hundreds of new buildings and structures appear for a total of more than 700 constructions, leading the way for new building and combinations options never seen before in a City Builder. Many new maps are also available, for a total of 45 buildable maps. City management offers the full experience thanks to the addition of public transportation (subway, bus) which decongests downtown traffic while lowering pollution levels and increasing the population's satisfaction. A more elaborated tax system lets all apprentice mayors adjust personal and local business taxes. As never been seen before in a City-builder, Cities XL 2011 allows you to specialize some of your cities and create a large-scale economical balance between all your interconnected cities!

Thanks to these big novelties and to a lot of inspired improvements, Cities XL 2011 truly reaches a whole new dimension to please all City Builders’ fans!
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