Brütal Legend finally rocking the PC

by: Travis -
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Double Fine Productions has announced that their metal-epic Brütal Legend will finally be released for the PC on February 26. In addition, the Art of Brütal Legend book with over 600 concept art pieces can now be pre-ordered ahead of its release date on March 12. Individuals that pre-order Brütal Legend on Steam before its release date can score the game for a low price of $14.99, a 25% discount from its original price of $19.99. Other pre-order extras include immediate access to the game's multiplayer beta and not surprisingly, more Team Fortress 2 items in the form of protagonist Eddie Riggs' hair and Clementine-named guitar.

Brütal Legend can now be pre-ordered through Steam, along with an option to purchase the game and original soundtrack as a bundle.

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